How one group changed the skyline of Hyderabad

If you haven't already known this, you might be in for a big surprise. Hyderabad was already popular for its market places, which are often termed as 'Bazaar'. What could possibly be added more to a city that holds the longest high-street like a bazaar of Asia? The Boulevard group came up with their version of the answer; The Boulevard Mall.

This is not your ordinary, small scale, just another mall to rip people off. It is indeed a proper mall that has been launched in recent times which offers all the excitement, the glamour, the fashion and the food which you can expect in all top-notch malls throughout the globe. It is a host to over 20 numerous food chains, many major brands, both local and global, and is also equipped with the state-of-the-art cinema with multiple screening taking place every single hour of the day. The Boulevard group has filled the void that had existed for a fairly long time. It has sent a benchmark of standards and security for all the shoppers in the city of Hyderabad and beyond.

Serving thousands of customers and visitors each day, the mall continues to maintain its standards and cleanliness which is rare to find. While some may call it a monopoly as being the only one of its kind, it is actually a much-needed break from the typically over-crowded shopping districts which are neither clean nor safe for families. The Boulevard group promises to deliver the experience of a class apart every single time you visit and as it turns out, they are quite true to their words. The rating on Google is way off the charts and people are constantly posting everything about this incredible place.

Setting the bar at such a level is surely not going to be topped by anyone anytime soon. What remains to be seen is just how well they are doing and how long can they continue to provide their sublime services.